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Welcome to Mrs.  Puleio*s Webpage 



The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  ~Mark Van Doren





Welcome parents and students!

 This website will be updated regularly.

 Please, continue to check for updates as the school year progresses.



Jackie Puleio

Former Mathematics Teacher

Contact Info: Jackie.Puleio@gmail.com



Courses Formerly Taught:

AP Statistics


Algebra 1








Need assistance with your assignments?

Check out my collection of tutorial videos to help you

through the sections by visiting:


Algebra 1 Videos and Notes  


Geometry Videos and Notes


AP Statistics Flipped Classroom Videos


Algebra 2 Videos and Notes


Statistics Tutorial Videos


here are some videos by other teachers:


 Summer Enrichment Resource Videos

Additional Algebra 1 Tutorial Videos Aligned to Our Course

Algebra 1 Flipped Classroom Videos



To view my expectations homework and in-class

assignments, view the Rubric Page -->  Rubrics 




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